How to rank local videos | Case Study #1



Quick Local Ranking YouTube Video Strategy

So far, this test works really well for any city+niche local keywords. I will lay out each step I have taken for you to replicate on your own.

  1. Use the word ‘Best’ or ‘Review’ or ‘How to’ in the title. For example, with my test, I have ranked both ‘Best Phoenix Painter’ and ‘Best Chandler Pool Cleaning Service’. Both of these ranked on page one of YouTube the first day I ran them and have stuck since then.
  2. Make sure your Title, Description, Tag, Social Share, and Playlist are all the same keyword. With my initial test, I didn’t use anything else in my description. Later I added the YouTube Video URL link found when you go back to edit the video (next to thumbnail). YouTube
  3. After it’s uploaded watch it a few times in Incognito mode.
  4. Post it on two to three Google + accounts.
  5. Post it on three Twitters with a high PA that is connected to tiered IFTTT networks with high PA Tumblr accounts. This simulates going viral and gives the video more trust.
  6. Go back and get one of the Google + post links and copy it.
  7. Get Viral Video Booster with legit YouTube comments, Viral Video Embeds & 300 Google + Post Shares
  8. Then I went and shared that Google + post link on an additional two IFTTT accounts from a Twitter post.
  9. Should be a total of 5-6 Twitter posts on IFTTT networks (3 of which have Tiers) and Utilizing Google + Shares


I’m not sure if the order of these steps needs to be taken, but this is how I did it. After this, I used a couple of different Gmail accounts to go to YouTube and search for my keyword. Find the video. Watch it completely. Like it and even comment from one account. Like it and subscribe from another. Sometimes, I like to go to the share option and email it to another account. Not sure if this does anything, but it can’t hurt.

Usually right away or about an hour later the videos appear on page one of Google in my experience.  This can all be replicated on your own at no cost if you know how to find and create all these accounts. Although, if you prefer to have someone else create these accounts, I have a couple of new Gigs on Legiit for these services.

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